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Being in Romania with our foster care families for summer camp was so enjoyable and memorable!  Please know, if any of you want to go with me next year, I would love to have you there and experience what I experience with these precious children and their loving foster care parents!  We plan to save up starting now for next July 2016!  It was truly a miracle that we raised over $11,000 in 9 months!  The Lord used you to make this happen!  Talk about the "eleventh hour!"  One day before I left for camp we had all we needed for the cost of camp, the bus we rented and the VBS supplies!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving and giving with such giving hearts!  I'm blown away by our faithful supporters!  We haven't a lot of supporters but the ones we do have, wow!  YOU give unto the LORD!  We pray for you as we know you pray for us!


It was a blessing to see how much our kids have grown in stature but more in their faith in Jesus!  They were so eager to be a part of our VBS (vacation bible school) and the fun activities we had planned. They memorized scriptures and learned that God has the power to heal, comfort, forgive and love us forever!  We had testimonies from Luiza who was adopted by Sara Arbuckle (who was a missionary with ROCK in 2001) and Florinel and Augustina who've been in our foster care program since 1999!  There wasn't a dry eye in the place!  These kids truly are walking testimonies of the sovereignty of God!


 I even travelled with all the fixings for smores!  Kristen Barnett was so sweet to donate all we needed for that yummy treat!  The Lord even provided the Gheorghe family (Ari's parents and sister, Roberta) to stay in my home to watch Phoebe while I was in Romania for camp.  I love how the Lord takes care of every little detail when we do HIS WILL for HIS service!

As you can see from the pictures, the Carpathian Mountains are breath-taking!  It's like being at Yosemite National Park in California but ten times more beautiful!

Again, thank you for being there in Spirit with your prayers and giving hearts!


The Lord bless you and Keep using you for HIS KINGDOM,





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